Capital Op-Ed: “What exactly is responsible development?”

By: Greg Walker Annapolitans for Responsible Development was recently formed. Its website asks you to sign a petition to “encourage our elected officials to promote responsible development.” Unfortunately, there is no further clarification. The implication is that if it generates jobs and taxes, it’s responsible. The organization should include a threshold requirement that elected officials read on >

City Seemingly Prioritizes Development over Public Safety

On May 26, thousands of motorists were affected when once again Forest Drive came to a complete standstill after an accident. While the traffic on Forest Drive was bad enough, the accident caused a ripple effect leading to significant delays throughout the entire Annapolis area. As we’ve seen so many times before, the Annapolis Police read on >

Capital LTE: “Stop Overdevelopment of the Forest Drive Corridor”

I write to commend John Van de Kamp for his article on Forest Drive traffic being like the Bermuda Triangle (The Capital, May 7). Why does the city continue to defy common sense in packing in more and more development onto a dead-end peninsula, threatening public safety, the environment and our school system? The answer read on >

The Capital: “Has Annapolis failed to follow its own law?”

By: Chase Cook, Capital Gazette reporter Controversy over an Annapolis law has raised concerns that the city has been approving new developments without following its own code, an issue that has officials scrambling to find out how the law was created and how they might make changes. Annapolis adequate public facilities laws require the city read on >

Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring wouldn’t serve this area’s needs”

Faith Goldstein (The Capital, Jan. 2) attacks opponents of Crystal Spring. I sincerely disagree. First, many letters of opposition are from city residents and taxpayers in Annapolis. Ms. Goldstein worked with former Mayor Ellen Moyer; has she forgotten that this dedicated city resident and well-respected leader opposes the Crystal Spring development plan? Secondly, my address read on >