Forest Drive Sector Study Could Be Useless if City Continues to Process Developments

This spring the City finally began work on a Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study, which will use extensive citizen input to develop guidelines that will determine future zoning and development in this overcrowded corridor. The Sector Study is to be a mirror image of the expressed concerns and desires of the communities interested in and affected read on >

Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring’s few proponents distort the issues”

My family and I must travel past Crystal Spring and Mas Que Farm daily and will be directly affected by the development of these properties. With all of the back and forth, I’ve noticed a common deceptive thread within the small minority favoring development: Any reference to Crystal Spring is avoided, as if the developers’ read on >

Capital LTE: “More development means more congestion and environmental damage”

Regarding Faith Goldstein’s letter (The Capital, Aug. 19) To Ms. Goldstein and those who support her viewpoint, it is clear the Providence Point development will significantly contribute to a completely overburdened road system in Annapolis. It is odd that contemporary Americans display a strange level of cognitive dissonance on these sorts of issues. More development read on >

Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring developers should take community concerns seriously”

On March 23 I attended the first public meetings being held by Crystal Spring developers National Lutheran Communities & Services about its new plan. It is proposing to clear 27 acres of forest to build almost 400 senior residences. National Lutheran is using the name Providence Point in an attempt to separate itself from the read on >

Capital LTE: “New plan for Crystal Spring still drawing major concerns from citizens”

The Crystal Spring project has morphed into The Village at Providence Point but remains a totally unsuitable use of the few acres of forested land left on Forest Drive. I attended a March 23 briefing by the CEO of the National Lutheran Communities and Services, Larry Bradshaw, who attempted to explain to a restive crowd read on >

Capital Editorial: “Development will be on the Annapolis ballot”

By: Capital Gazette Editorial Board Annapolis is a pleasant place to live, so it’s no surprise that when the economy gets sunnier, plans to build new homes blossom. The number of existing homes on the market remains lower than normal, so the law of supply and demand takes over: People want to live in Annapolis read on >