Capital LTE: “Thank you, Sen. Winegrad”

I write to commend former state Sen. Gerald Winegrad on his opinion column documenting how more development leads to the need for more services and thus more taxes (The Capital, May 22). Exacerbating this problem is the deteriorating quality of life from more development and more people —increased traffic, school overcrowding, water and air pollution, read on >

Capital Op-Ed: “More development means more taxes and more pollution”

By: Gerald Winegrad Recent Capital articles on the proposed city property tax increase have promoted the need for new development to increase the city tax base. Other stories note news on bay grass increases and also the decline of the blue crab population. How do these articles intersect? Any argument that increasing residential development results read on >

Capital Op-Ed: “Development doesn’t pay for itself”

By: Fred Gregory Much has been made of the city needing to allow new developments to increase its tax base and benefit city taxpayers. The developers and their attorneys use this fallacious logic to argue that residents who would be affected by such developments as at Crystal Spring and Parkside Preserve but who live outside read on >