Capital LTE: “The city has an opportunity to settle major Crystal Spring issues”

In the coming weeks, city leaders will be meeting with the attorneys for the Crystal Spring development to renegotiate parts of the original 2005 annexation agreement. Despite the fact that a material breach announced earlier this year — the owner’s failure to hook up to city water and sewer within 10 years — actually led read on >

City Should Seize Opportunity to Resolve Outstanding Annexation Issues and Not Cave to Developers Again

The City Council voted Monday (Sept. 26) to postpone action on the Resolution (R-21-16) concerning violations of the Katherine Properties (Crystal Spring) Annexation Agreement. The legislation was introduced in June by Mayor Pantelides and two aldermen after the then-city attorney found the owner in material breach of the original 2005 Annexation Agreement and associated Public read on >

Capital Op-Ed: “Development strangles city quality of life”

By: Gerald Winegrad, Stop Crystal Spring Traffic, school overcrowding, and environmental degradation linked to city annexations of land from the county and other developments make most residents suffer, especially on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula. Developers, land speculators and their attorneys exert an undue influence over city elected officials to the detriment of the common good, read on >

Capital LTE: “Decision on Annexation Resolution Should Be Easy”

What a laudable characteristic — the ability to admit having made a mistake and then make it right. The City Council is revisiting the annexation of Crystal Spring. The right thing to do is to rescind that portion of the annexation plan and exempt Crystal Spring forest. This is not a typical site. It is read on >

Capital LTE: “City gets a chance to undo some of its planning errors”

The Annapolis City Council recently introduced legislation to rewrite several annexation agreements signed by property owners over 10 years ago. The property owners have violated certain terms of their agreements and basically are pleading forgiveness. This property owners’ nightmare creates the city’s opportunity to rewrite history. For two decades Annapolis has encouraged property owners to read on >

Capital LTE: “The city has every right to stop processing development plans for Crystal Spring”

Chase Cook’s article regarding the Crystal Spring developers’ frustration at delays with city approvals (The Capital, June 13) left out some critical elements: •The violation of the 2005 annexation agreement noted in the City Council resolution notes that all existing dwellings had to connect to city water and sewer within 10 years. According to the read on >

The Capital: “Annapolis aims to review annexation agreements”

By: Chase Cook, Capital Gazette reporter Several resolutions were introduced Monday at the City Council meeting that would allow the city to revisit and redraft previous annexation agreements they believe have been breached, most notably the agreement linked to Crystal Spring. City attorneys assert these annexation agreements have been breached as the properties have not read on >

Crystal Spring Opponents Push for City Revocation of Annexation Agreement

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (June 10, 2016) – Today, the leadership and supporters of Stop Crystal Spring urged city leaders to further strengthen a newly introduced City Council Resolution (R-21-16) that would reform the terms of the 2005 Annexation Agreement between the City and the owners of the Crystal Spring and Mas Que Farm properties. The Resolution read on >