National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS) is purchasing 52 acres of the 175-acre Crystal Spring site. The owner of the property would keep 123 acres, including the area known as Mas Que Farm where the equestrian center is located.

The development of the senior living facility will occur on 36 acres of the 52 acres to be purchases by NLCS. The owner of the remaining 123 acres has agreed to a strict conservation easement that permanently eliminates all future development with the limited exceptions noted. The easement holder would be the Scenic Rivers Land Trust, a respected land trust with more than 3,000 acres under easement in the county. Click here to see the easement.

NLCS has agreed to restrictive deed covenants that would permanently eliminate all future development on their 52 acres outside of the senior development.  Click here to see the restrictive deed covenants.

Taken together, these binding in perpetuity legal documents filed by NLCS with the City assure that 124 acres of forest now on the site will be permanently preserved including forest to be replanted. All future development with the very limited exceptions noted would be eliminated. The documents filed are to be included in any City approval of the project.