Aside from the 35-acre footprint of the senior project, now called the Village at Providence Point, all development rights will be extinguished on the rest of the 180-acre property. Plans filed last year that would allow additional future development are no longer being pursued. All retail and non-senior housing has been eliminated.

A legal document must be drafted and agreed upon ensuring the land will be protected in perpetuity. The developers and landowner need to execute a permanent conservation easement that will extinguish all future development rights on the remaining 145-acres of the 180-acre Crystal Spring and Mas Que Farm properties outside the Providence Point footprint. They have already committed that there will be no future development on the remaining property except for some relatively minor permissible improvements related to the equestrian center and a new Wellness House. We have worked with the Scenic Rivers Land Trust to develop a draft easement with very tight language, which is currently being considered by the developers, owner, and their attorney. We feel confident they will agree to a conservation easement covering at least the 145-acres and are hopeful it will contain the terms we are seeking.