On June 30, National Lutheran Communities and Services (NLCS) filed their plans with the city to build a senior only development of 302 homes and 48 assisted living units called The Village at Providence Point. All retail and non-senior housing has been eliminated. Through recent productive meetings with NLCS and discussions with City officials, we have made major progress in ensuring the highest environmental protections for this development.

Forest1. Reduce Forest Clearing and Replant 100% on Site

NLCS will fully adhere to the City’s no net loss ordinance and provide reforestation on site for all 27 acres to be cleared so that 124 currently forested acres will be protected forever, including the reforestation. The community will be built closest to Forest Drive with an impervious surface footprint of 15.25 acres of the 175-acre site and a 125-foot forested buffer around Forest Drive.

2. No Net Increase in Pollutant Loads from Stormwater

The plans assure that stormwater will be managed so as not to increase the rate, volume, or pollution load of a 25-year storm event (6.27 inches) and meet the City’s 125% of volume ESD containment level, both of which go well beyond state requirements. This is attained through the use of 79 micro-bioretention cells (rain gardens) covering 1.2 acres and 62,050 sq. ft. of green roofs, 14,500 sq. ft. of porous pavement for the single-family cottage driveways, and a 502-foot stream channel restoration.

Additionally, NLCS has minimized impervious surfaces by placing 364 of the 475 parking spaces underground or under buildings with another 28 spaces using porous surfaces.