Stormwater Pollution Issue Remains Unresolved

Crystal Spring developers plan to destroy about 40 acres of the last remaining large stand of forest in the city. This will also destroy the best tool for natural filtration and water quality protection. How do they plan to keep their pledge that runoff will be cleaner after crossing through Crystal Spring with “100% storm read on >

Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring wouldn’t serve this area’s needs”

Faith Goldstein (The Capital, Jan. 2) attacks opponents of Crystal Spring. I sincerely disagree. First, many letters of opposition are from city residents and taxpayers in Annapolis. Ms. Goldstein worked with former Mayor Ellen Moyer; has she forgotten that this dedicated city resident and well-respected leader opposes the Crystal Spring development plan? Secondly, my address read on >

Forest Drive Will Fail

You cannot be a resident of Annapolis without knowing the aggravation of Forest Drive traffic. We all remember “Trafficgeddon” when traffic was stopped for hours because of downed power lines after a car collided with a utility pole. We have all witnessed or experienced multiple accidents along this corridor. Forest Drive is already a congested read on >

Capital LTE: “Why do developers constantly try to make money at our expense?”

Mr Mayor: I just watched your campaign promise to stop the Crystal Spring development and I trust you plan to live up to it. I live in Annapolis (Chesapeake Harbour) and use Forest Drive. My prior home was in Wild Rose Shores on the South River near Crystal Spring, and I appreciated the beauty of read on >

Capital LTE: “Mayor Mike Pantelides needs to keep his pledge on Crystal Spring”

I write as a 49-year resident of Annapolis to call for a halt to the plans to overdevelop the forest and fields of Crystal Spring. It’s absurd that with the existing traffic and school overcrowding problems, and the environmental destruction it would encompass, this project has not been outright rejected by Mayor Mike Pantelides and read on >