February 13 Written Comments to Planning Commission

Please see below for the our most recent written comments submitted to the Planning Commission on February 13, 2022 with several signatories supporting our earlier statements from December.


1328 Washington Drive

Annapolis, MD 21403

410-280-8956  gwwabc@comcast.net

TO:               Planning Commissioners  

CC:               Michael Mallinoff, Director, Department of  Planning and Zoning

         Tom Smith, Senior Planner, Department of  Planning and Zoning

DATE:         February 13, 2022

RE:               SUPPORT of Statement of Gerald Winegrad, President of CCPLU, Inc. of 12/9/2021     to the Planning Commission Withdrawing Objections to The Village at Providence Point Plans

As President of our group, Concerned Citizens for Proper Land Use, Inc. and its subsidiary STOP CRYSTAL SPRING, I submitted formal comments to you in December after the group unanimously agreed to withdraw our objections to the plans for The Village at Providence Point (TVPP). This was based on the Planning Commission incorporating the terms and conditions recommended by Planning and Zoning and agreed to by National Lutheran Communities & Services, the owners, and our group. These terms resolve all of our major concerns over traffic, forest conservation, stormwater management, and the extinguishment of future development rights.

We believe that the current plans and commitments from National Lutheran Communities & Service (NLCS) would make this senior-only development a model in sustainable development and Smart Growth. While we have vigorously fought various iterations for development of the site for a decade, the current plans meet or exceed all that we have asked of the developers. The commitments and changes made are remarkable and have been agreed upon by all parties including the Scenic Rivers Land Trust for the easement.

The agreed upon conditions submitted to you include a commitment letter from NLCS assuring 100% compliance with sediment and stormwater control and forest protection measures during construction and enforcement of all the terms imposed by the City post-construction. This measure assures citizen input and periodic meetings with the construction manager and afterwards with the director of the retirement center. In light of the problems at Parkside Preserve, this gives citizens assurances of tight monitoring and compliance.

You have conducted four lengthy public hearings on TVPP and allowed all citizens who wish to comment at the meetings. They may also comment in writing. We realize that some folks do not want to see any development on the 176 acre site. Our original mission was to try and gain support for funding the outright acquisition of the land or obtaining a conservation easement. There was and still is no support for this effort by elected officials especially with a price tag for the property that exceeds $25 million and with owners opposed to selling for such purposes. 

We firmly believe that the current plans represent a model for sustainable development and have the support of the vast majority of residents of the area.  We decided not to flood the Commission with written statements and witnesses supporting our position. Instead, our leadership team has vested with me with the authority to speak for the group and has signed onto this letter of support which includes a who’s who of the Annapolis area environmental leadership. While not on this list below, you also have a letter from the Annapolis Environmental Commission in support of the plans agreed upon.

We ask that you consider the following elements that have motivated us to believe that the current plans are the best we can ever achieve for the 176 acres of valuable land in the City that is zoned for development.

TRAFFIC mitigation plans assure that traffic flows will not worsen. All commercial and retail activities are eliminated.

FOREST clearing has been limited with 97 forested acres remaining untouched. The 124 acres of existing forest will be protected forever including 100% of cleared forest to be replanted. If this same project were in the County, there would be zero replanting required.

STORMWATER is the major water pollution concern with this project. Management plans are exemplary so that there would be no increase in the rate, volume, or pollutant loads from a 25 year storm event. Stormwater will not exceed that from a forest in good condition. This is accomplished with 79 rain gardens, more than an acre of green roofs, and 364 of 475 parking spaces placed  underground or under buildings with another 28 spaces using porous surfaces,

The developer has agreed to remediate stormwater pollution from 502 feet of a stormwater channel under Spa Road at a cost of $500,000. This is one of the two major pollution sources to Crab Creek. The other is a stormwater channel running from the Newtowne 20 area which also is being remediated as part of the redevelopment there. Anyone concerned with restoring the water quality of polluted Crab Creek should be pleased with these outcomes. See the attached statement of one of the best stormwater engineers in this country regarding the stormwater plans and how they will protect if not enhance the water quality of Crab Creek.

ALL FUTURE DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS WOULD BE EXTINGUISHED through a conservation easement and restrictive deed covenants that assure protection of 124 forested acres and conserve 143 acres of land from development.

We respectfully ask the Planning Commission to complete its hearings and render a decision and incorporate the terms of our agreed upon conditions in any approval and end this epic 12-year land use battle.

Respectfully Submitted,

  Gerald Winegrad, former State Senator (1983-1995), President of Concerned Citizens for Proper Land Use 1328 Washington Drive Annapolis, MD 21403  Parris Glendening, former Governor (1995-1993) Father of Smart Growth 2177 Chesapeake Harbour Drive Annapolis, MD 21403  
Alderman Rob Savidge, Chair, City Council Environmental Matters Committee 12 Windwhisper Lane  Annapolis, MD 21403  Ellen O. Moyer Former Annapolis Mayor (2001-2009) 1019 Forest Hills Avenue Annapolis, MD 21403  
Earl Bradley, Chairman Sierra Club, AA County Chapter 940 Bay Forest Ct, Apt 306, Annapolis, MD 21403  Anastasia Hopkinson, Vice President   Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation 1036 Harbor Drive Annapolis, MD 21403  
Jim Urban, Urban Forester and Former Planning Commission Chair 915 Creek Drive Annapolis, MD 21403  Fred Kelly, Executive Director The Severn Riverkeeper Program P.O. Box 6593 Annapolis, MD 21401  
Elvia Thompson, President & Co-founder Annapolis Green 704 S Cherry Grove Avenue Apt. 204 Annapolis, Maryland 21401Russell Stevenson, Founder Chesapeake Legal Alliance 733 Dividing Road Severna Park; 21146  
John Frece, Former Director of the EPA & Maryland Smart Growth Programs 3026 Aberdeen Road Annapolis, MD 21403  Ann M. Fligsten, Founder of Growth Action Network, Fligsten Law Group 507 West Drive Severna Park, MD 21146  
Ray Sullivan, Save Your Annapolis Neck & ANPF 520 Forest Hill Drive Annapolis, MD 21403  Bevin Bucheister, Former Chair Annapolis Environmental Commission 5 Wagner Street Annapolis, MD 21401  
Amy Clements, Founder, Spa Creek Conservancy 17 Southgate Ave Annapolis, MD   21401  Barbara Maxwell, Former County Councilwoman, 6th District 16 Southgate Ave Annapolis, MD 21401  
Chuck Ferrar, Former County Councilman 6th District, Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits Owner 2699 Cassia Drive Edgewater, MD 21037  Barbara Johnson, Former President Maryland Ornithological Society 664 East 17th Street Chattanooga, TN 37408
Elizabeth Garraway, Former LCV Board Member Exec. Dir. Emeritus, MICUA 919 Creek Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403  Marcia Verploegen Lewis, Former League of Conservation Voters Board member 9C President Point Drive Annapolis, MD 21403  
Diane Benyus, Immediate Past President, Anne Arundel Bird Club 128 Silopanna Road Annapolis, MD 21403  C. Richard D’Amato, Former House of Delegates Member (1999-2003)  6 E Lake Drive Annapolis, MD 21403  
    Greg Walker, Attorney and Traffic Issue Specialist 727 Harness Creek View Drive Annapolis, MD 21403    Jane McWilliams, Annapolis Historian Author of the Latest History of Annapolis 15 Mayor Avenue Annapolis, MD 21403  
Liz Vanden Heuvel, Co-Chair, Greater Annapolis Interfaith Network 123 Spruce Lane Annapolis, MD 21403  J. Kent McNew, President, Eastern Petroleum Corporation 3337 Harness Creek Road Annapolis, MD 21403  
David Prosten, Former Co-Chair Concerned Citizens for Proper Land Use & AA County Sierra Club Chair 64 Landfall, Falmouth MA 02540  Dan Clements, Former President, Maryland Trial Attorneys Association 17 Southgate Ave Annapolis, MD   21401  
Fred Kissel, Former Member Annapolis Environmental Commission 717 Warren Drive Annapolis MD 21403  Paula Frohring, Equestrienne 972 Melvin Road Annapolis, MD 21403  
Angela Carpita, Science Teacher, Broadneck H.S. 2nd Generation Annapolitan 104 Old Crossing Lane Annapolis, MD 21401  Judith Billage, Attorney 524 Burnside Street Annapolis, MD 21403  
Ann & Robert Goldstein 3269 Harness Creek Road Annapolis, Md 21403  Nancy Plaxico, Treasurer, CCPLU Former Health Care Executive 3303 Shore Drive Annapolis MD 21403  
Paula J. Peters, Attorney 15 McKendree Avenue Annapolis, MD 21401  Pamela Gratton 3286 Arundel on the Bay Road Annapolis, MD 21403
Michael Long 7101 Bay Front Drive Unit 607 Annapolis, MD 21403  Josh Chapman 3057 Mimon Road Annapolis, MD 21403
Kurt K Riegel 307A Monterey Ave Annapolis, MD 21401  Peter Hanan, Past President Anne Arundel Bird Club 527 Donner Way Millersville, MD 21108