Success is Near!

Success is near in resolving our four major concerns on traffic, forest conservation, stormwater management, and extinguishment of all development rights other than the senior only community. We have negotiated major concessions by the developer that would make this a model project. 

The traffic plans are comprehensive and actually may improve traffic flows. Note that since TVPP will only be a senior residential community, peak a.m. and p.m. traffic trips will increase by only 60-some trips. You can see the details in the commitment letter filed with the City by Larry Bradshaw, CEO of National Lutheran Communities and Services, who is to build the senior living facility called The Village at Providence Point.

The forest conservation plans will ensure that the 27.3 acres of forest cleared for TVPP will be 100% replaced on site and 124 acres of forest currently on the 176 acre site will be on the property in perpetuity with the replanting.

Stormwater will be managed so as not to increase the rate, volume, or pollution load of a 25-year storm event (6.27 inches) and meet the City’s 125% of volume ESD containment level, both of which go well beyond state requirements. This is attained through the use of 79 micro-bioretention cells covering 1.2 acres and 62,050 sq. ft. of green roofs, 14,500 sq. ft. of porous pavement for the single-family cottage driveways, and a 502 foot stream channel restoration. 

The easement and covenants will eliminate all other development on the 176 acre site in perpetuity (with the limited exceptions noted) and ensure that the 124 acres of forest on the site now will always be at 124 acres including reforestation for forests removed. The covenants also ensure that the 15.25 acres of impervious surface at TVPP will never be exceeded. Scenic Rivers Land Trust will hold the and enforce the easement. 

TVPP will now consist of a senior only development with 302 housing units and 48 health care suites. There will be no retail except for internal small scale retail for residents and staff in the apartment buildings. There would be 216 apartments in the main CCRC building, 28 apartments in each of two Maison Court buildings of four stories each (56 total), and 30 single family cottages.

Also, please click here to read the recently filed addendum by National Lutheran making substantial commitments ensuring citizen overview in meeting stormwater, sediment control, and forest conservation during construction and after the senior community is occupied. Citizens will be able to meet periodically with the construction manager and then the facility manager and have their cell phone numbers to ensure 100% compliance.

Our group, Concerned Citizens for Proper Land Use, Inc., has agreed to withdraw our objections to the plans should the City incorporate the terms in the commitment letter into the approval. Click here to see the list of community leaders supporting this position.