New Development Plans Filed: See NLCS Commitment Letter to Meet Objections

After more than a year, newly revised plans for The Village at Providence Point (TVPP) were filed with the City on July 1st. We have been working closely with the City and Larry Bradshaw, CEO and President of National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS), to assure the plans fully resolve our four major concerns with the project: traffic, forest conservation, stormwater management, and the extinguishment of all future development rights on the rest of the 175.6 acre site.

As we pour over the voluminous filings, it preliminarily appears that our concerns have been met, but this is subject to a much more thorough examination of details especially for forest conservation and stormwater by our consulting experts. The stormwater document is 212 pages long plus a dozen large engineering sheets.

The project consists exclusively of a continuing care retirement center for seniors with 302 housing units and 48 health care suites. There will be no retail except for small scale retail sales in the apartment buildings for essentials for residents and staff.  The development would have 216 apartments in the main CCRC building, 28 apartments in each of two Maison Court buildings of four stories each (56 total units), and 30 single family cottages. Eight duplexes were eliminated and a floor added to each of the Maison Court buildings to reduce the footprint, protect more forest, and allow more land to reforest, especially for the 125 foot minimum forested buffer along Forest Drive.

Please click here to read the commitment letter from the NLCS CEO filed with the plans to meet our concerns.

Here is a brief summary of the filings and how our concerns are addressed: 

TRAFFIC: The traffic plans are comprehensive and actually may improve traffic flows. Click here to see the extensive traffic commitments.

FOREST CONSERVATION: The forest conservation plans filed will assure that the 27.3 acres of forest cleared for TVPP will be 100% replanted on site. The 124 acres of forest currently on the site will be protected on the property in perpetuity including these replantings.

STORMWATER: The plans assure that stormwater will be managed so as not to increase the rate, volume, or pollution load of a 25-year storm event (6.27 inches) and meet the City’s 125% of volume ESD containment level, both of which go well beyond state requirements. This is attained through the use of 79 micro-bioretention cells (rain gardens) covering 1.2 acres and 62,050 sq. ft. of green roofs, 14,500 sq. ft. of porous pavement for the single-family cottage driveways, and a 502-foot stream channel restoration. 

EXTINGUISHMENT OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS: NLCS is purchasing 52.5 acres for TVPP while Janet Richardson Pearson will retain ownership of 123.1 acres. A conservation easement has been agreed upon for the 123.1 acres with the Scenic Rivers Land Trust. Restrictive deed covenants have been agreed upon for the 52.5 acres being acquired by NLCS. These documents will eliminate all other development on the 175.6-acre site in perpetuity (with limited exceptions) and assure that the 124 acres of forest on the site now will always be at 124 acres including reforestation for forests removed. The restrictive deed covenants also ensure that the 15.25 acres of impervious surface at TVPP will never be exceeded. The only exceptions are a new Wellness House and barns, stables, and other equestrian related structures at Mas Que Farm and for small picnic pavilions and trails. [hot link].

Please let us know if there any questions.