Capital LTE: “Providence Point should stop soliciting seniors until plans are approved”

Like most seniors in this area, I am being bombarded with mailings offering a sales pitch and free Brunch by salespersons for The Village at Providence Point (formerly Crystal Spring). No mention of its “senior living” whereabouts, proposed on the overcrowded Forest Drive and Spa Road intersection. Wonder why?

They are soliciting $1,000 deposits so you can pick your unit at some later date, in a project that does not exist, except on plans the City of Annapolis has again sent back to the developers for major revisions.

The last plans were submitted more than a year ago. After the city refused to approve the plans and sent back requirements for major changes, seniors were told that new plans would be filed and they expected City approval by the end of 2019.

No new plans have been filed. The “choice of units” that don’t exist, were to be supposedly completed for occupancy in 2023.

Promises made on sinking sand.

As a senior, I know there are at least 40 senior living facilities within a 10-mile radius of Annapolis, none as expensive as at The Village/Crystal Spring, and there are plenty of vacancies.

I understand the homes proposed by this National Lutheran Village project will cost up to nearly $1.4 million for two people if you want 90% of your money back on re-sale, plus a monthly fee of $5,600, which does not include health care. The smallest apartment of 920 square feet . is offered for more than $400,000 for one person with a monthly fee of $3,100 and no health care.

I suggest the salespersons take every one of us off their mailing list and wait to invite seniors when and if they have a city-approved project.


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