Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring Developers seeking deposits for units that don’t exist”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, November 1, 2019

Seniors have been receiving invitations from the National Lutheran sales team inviting us to lunch to hear about “the exciting new plans” for the development of The Village at Providence Point. The purpose is to convince us to put down a down payment of $1,000 for a priority to choose a unit in this project at Crystal Spring.

The developer does not indicate in these mailings nor in the full-page ad in The Capital that the plans for this 351-unit development have not been approved by the city and are facing major changes due to problems the city has raised.

On July 25, The Capital reported that: “Annapolis city planners have sent back initial plans for a proposed senior living development on Forest Drive with 50 requests for changes or revisions, the first response to the plan since it was submitted earlier this year. The five pages of notes on the Village at Providence Point focus on environmental concerns, and in many cases, the planners are asking developer National Lutheran Communities and Services to redraw their plans to save more trees.”

The changes dictated include major modifications with some buildings removed or downsized. The developer must find land, most likely on-site, to replant 100% of forest cleared.

The bottom line: the developer is trying to sell apartments and houses that do not exist and are far from City approval. Not only must 50 environmental issues be resolved with the developer required “to redraw their plans”, but the city is also still reviewing the faulty plans and will have more comments necessitating changes to assure compliance with the City Code and design and architectural standards.

Anyone care to make a priority payment on a new Bay Bridge?


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