Capital LTE: “Getting it right on Providence Point”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, August 18, 2019

Larry Bradshaw’s letter defending his development plans for Crystal Spring distorts the harsh reality: Plans submitted for this 351-unit project failed to meet basic environmental requirements under city laws (The Capital, Aug. 7).

The January filings came months after the city enacted requirements for 100% reforestation of the 30-acres of mature forest they plan to destroy. His engineers tried to exploit a loophole and drop reforestation to zero! The city slapped their hands and told them they must submit new plans to comply with the 100% reforestation law.

On the critical issue of polluting stormwater runoff, the developers fell way short of minimum legal requirements to prevent polluted runoff from their 35-acre development. Replacing 30 acres of forest with roads, parking places, and buildings for 351 new homes can cause a lot more pollution to the South River.

The developers also refused to follow city admonitions to examine remediation for two polluted stormwater channels running across the property to Crab Creek. The City again slapped their hands on this neglect.

One would think that after years of multiple plans failing to meet city requirements, they would want to finally get it right, especially if they were listening to the city’s and opponents’ concerns.

Bradshaw also distorts the appeal decision on the Department of Aging approval of their feasibility study by saying it was upheld. The appeal was dismissed on technical grounds for a lack of standing to pursue appeal.

Does anyone think a 2,400 square foot senior home for $1.4 million with a $5,600 monthly fee with no health care is right for this site?


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