Capital LTE: “The facts on Providence Point”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, May 10, 2019

Developers of the Village at Providence Point pledged a public relations campaign to counter opposition to their development that would strip 30 forested acres, increase stormwater pollution and add traffic to Forest Drive with 500 new residents.

The Rev. Jon Diefenthaler, a Lutheran minister from Columbia, sent in a letter supporting this development (The Capital, April 13). As a Lutheran for much of my life, I note issues he failed to address:

He contends that this Continuing Care Retirement Community is needed for seniors like him as there are only two in our county. But there are at least 60 senior facilities in our county and our two CCRCs always have vacancies for new residents. As seniors, we are besieged with mailings from senior living facilities, including free lunches.

The cheapest, smallest one bedroom apartment at Providence Point is 920 square feet and costs more than $500,000 for one person, with a monthly fee of $3,100. This includes no health care and 90% of the money back upon resale.

A 2,540 square foot home with two bedrooms for two people costs $1,369,000, with a $5,600 monthly fee and no health care. How could anyone of modest means afford such units?

Diefenthaler contends the developers have “bent over backward to address the concerns local residents have expressed over the years.” In reality, the developers refused to address major issues in their latest plans filed with the City. They disregarded improvements to prevent stormwater pollution, failed to execute an easement on the undeveloped land to prevent future development, failed to include plans for a connector road to the Safeway and CVS, and reneged on pledges to replant all 30 acres of forest they plan to clear.

After protestations, the city sent the forest clearing plans back to require replanting all forest cleared to comply with the law.

The facts do not support this development’s approval.


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