Stop Crystal Spring Takes Action to Appeal Department of Aging Approval

Appeal Asks that Developers Be Blocked from Collecting Payments for Senior Living Units

On March 15, we appealed the decision of the Maryland Department of Aging (MDoA) that wrongfully approved the economic viability of a yet-to-be-approved (by the City of Annapolis) senior living development plan at Crystal Spring, now called The Village at Providence Point. Two appellants living adjacent to the property joined us in contesting this decision.

The MDoA had previously refused to approve this development as it initially did not meet the test of economic viability and because plans had not been approved by the City. Such plans still have not gained city approval. In fact, city planners have said the most recent submission, filed January 22, will once again be sent back for more changes as the plans did not include the required replanting for the 30 acres of forest to be cleared and also failed to meet other city requirements.

Despite all of this, the current Secretary of Aging reversed the Department’s previous decisions and overturned her own Continuing Care Division Chief’s decision who initially ruled that the developers would have to wait final approval by the City.

This approval has allowed the developer to start collecting payments for priority selection for units that may never be built. Our attorney has asked that this matter go before an Administrative Hearing Officer. The up-front payments for units range from $650,113 for one person with a monthly fee of $3,136 for the smallest 922 sq. ft.1 bedroom apartment, to $1,611,540 for a couple with a monthly fee of $5,040 for a 2,540 sq. ft. 2 bedroom home with a two-car garage. These entrance fees are if a senior buyer wanted a guarantee of 90 percent of the fee back upon resale, and neither option includes the cost of healthcare.

One point of the appeal is that the project is NOT economically viable due to so many other options for senior living in and around Annapolis that are much less expensive and have better locations and health care plans. Further, unless the City grants approval for plans of the development, any approval by MDoA is premature. Also, there has not been compliance for environmental impact review by the Department.

Until these laws are complied with, we have asked that the developer be prohibited from collecting funds from seniors.

Click here to read our attorney’s formal letter of appeal.

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