Capital LTE: “Annapolis doesn’t need a project like Providence Point”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, January 5, 2019

My husband and I just attended the large community forum held in a nearby church, to hear about and share expressed concerns for the Providence Point development, which is still planned for the wooded acreage at the corner of Forest Drive and Spa Road, (The Capital, Jan. 4).

Since 2013 this project has been massaged by developers who have uncaring eyes toward our unique community. It has been facing long standing opposition because they have been trying to put “a square peg in a round hole” all this time.

No matter how hard the developers tried to explain to us their proposed changes in traffic patterns, the stormwater runoff, the “Annapolis architecture,” the tree removal and replacement, it fell dead on a polite but troubled audience.

Annapolis, so full of history and charm, cannot be allowed to be overrun by developers who obviously do not understand why we, the residents, are complaining about the projected loss of acres of mature forest, increased traffic on our frequently dangerously clogged main artery, Forest Drive, or the impact on the streams and rivers etc.

This project, which anticipates housing approximately 300 over 55 years old and older residents, would adversely impact our residents who already live, work and drive on this Annapolis Peninsula. It does not belong in this area.

It should be tucked away, like the other two continuing care community facilities: Ginger Cove and Bay Woods, away from heavily trafficked roads and vulnerable streams.

National Lutheran Communities and Services President Larry Bradshaw said we “need this.” May I point out that in Anne Arundel County alone, the “assisted living units” available has doubled in just one year from 800 to 1,514, according to the Source Book Winter 2018/2019.

We don’t “need” this project in this proposed space, with its expected severe effect on our creeks, streams, roads, and loss of wildlife habitat! And I can tell you, few if any in that room Thursday night, could afford the stated entry fee of $485,000. So arguments about similar high costs of living in the area fell on deaf ears.

There are reportedly 24 new projects planned for our Forest Drive, in addition to Providence Point, which would provide 1,000 more units.

Just because someone wants to build something here doesn’t mean they should! All stop!


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