Capital LTE: “Keep Crystal Spring promises”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, February 1, 2018

John Frece’s recent op-ed on the campaign pledges made by our new mayor and several aldermen couldn’t have come at a better time (The Capital, Jan. 12).

Too often the pledges made by candidates seem to go out the window once they are in office, and we should remind them early and often what got them elected in the first place. As a city voter who lives very close to the site of the proposed Crystal Spring development, I was pleased to see so many candidates come out and take a stand against the massive and destructive plan to clear almost 40 acres of the last remaining large stand of forest in our city.

The best possible outcome would be for this land to be preserved in its entirety, so I hope they will keep their word and work to the best of their ability to make this happen. If not possible, the development needs to be reduced significantly as promised. Bringing the number of units down to the 140 units allowed under the 2009 Comprehensive Plan would be a huge improvement. The current plan includes 383 senior homes and 43 assisted living units, plus there are plans to clear additional forest on land that could be used to build hundreds more non-senior homes in the future.

This means more traffic on the already overwhelmed Forest Drive, not to mention the environmental impact will be devastating. Enough is enough! I applaud the Stop Crystal Spring campaign for helping to inform voters during the election with their candidate questionnaire. To the Mayor and Aldermen who made these promises, we are counting on you to keep your word and go to work for the people of Annapolis.


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