Capital LTE: “Defense of Crystal Spring leaves out crucial information”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, November 21, 2017

As a resident of the Forest Drive corridor, I was concerned by the recent letter from the owner of Crystal Spring Farm (The Capital, Oct. 27). She attacked the veracity of opponents because they’ve expressed inconvenient truths about her desire to strip nearly 40 acres of mature forest and plant a development of more than 500 new single-family homes and apartments, along with a 48-suite health care building, not to mention roads and more than 500 parking spaces.

She failed to acknowledge that commitments by the developers to replant 100 percent of the forest cleared are ignored in the filings, as only 16.45 acres would be replanted with saplings.

She also leaves out that her subdivision plan goes well beyond the senior housing project. The plan allows her to develop lots, including one of 18 acres where 12 acres of protected forest would be stripped and, under current zoning, up to 144 non-age-restricted homes could be built.

Another omission is that the relief road required under the comprehensive plan is supposed to run from Skipper Lane near the CVS all the way through the property and across Spa Road and Forest Drive to Gemini Drive. The developer is to make an “equitable contribution” to its cost. Building a road necessary to provide access through the development would not provide traffic relief. It would only increase traffic.

Most importantly, she fails to mention that the plans would exacerbate existing serious problems with traffic and at the F-rated intersection at Spa Road and Forest Drive, especially when the non-age-restricted development – with, potentially, 100 or more residents — is added to the 500 seniors and 200 employees. No traffic improvements are provided for in the new plans.

This information is verifiable from the most recent filings available on the city’s website.


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