Capital LTE: “Destroying forest for Crystal Spring development makes no sense”

As an environmental science teacher, I need an explanation on how current and prospective city leaders could believe that allowing 40 acres of mature forest — and cumulatively much more in the area — to be cleared at Crystal Spring, and adding impervious surfaces, can protect our rivers and bay. As we try to restore read on >

Projected Plans for Crystal Spring Senior Housing Larger and More Costly Than Ever

Last week, Crystal Spring developers, National Lutheran Communities and Services (NLCS), held a series of informational sessions for prospective buyers. This was the first public outreach since the City rejected their July 25 filings of development plans for the Crystal Spring and Mas Que Farm properties. The City sent back the plans on August 11 read on >

Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring’s few proponents distort the issues”

My family and I must travel past Crystal Spring and Mas Que Farm daily and will be directly affected by the development of these properties. With all of the back and forth, I’ve noticed a common deceptive thread within the small minority favoring development: Any reference to Crystal Spring is avoided, as if the developers’ read on >