Capital LTE: “More development means more congestion and environmental damage”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, September 10, 2017

Regarding Faith Goldstein’s letter (The Capital, Aug. 19)

To Ms. Goldstein and those who support her viewpoint, it is clear the Providence Point development will significantly contribute to a completely overburdened road system in Annapolis.

It is odd that contemporary Americans display a strange level of cognitive dissonance on these sorts of issues. More development means more congestion and greater environmental damage, period.

As reflected in John Frece’s and Dave Aland’s letters, which appeared in the paper on the same day as Ms. Goldstein’s, Forest Drive and surrounding roadways are already over capacity and this development will be environmentally damaging. It is time to halt these developments. I say this as a ward resident and city resident.

I am very glad to hear from Ms. Goldstein that the Lutheran community has worked out so wonderfully in Montgomery County. Perhaps there is room to expand there, because there is no room to expand in Annapolis.


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