Capital LTE: “Additional development planned beyond senior community”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, September 4, 2017

As a resident of the city and the neighboring ward, I object to Walter Vasquez’s guest column (The Capital, Aug. 14).

Mr. Vasquez ignores significant issues with the Providence Point at Crystal Spring project. This is not the only development planned for the property. The subdivision plan submitted on July 25 calls for additional development on an adjoining 18.5-acre lot owned by Janet Richardson-Pearson that would strip another 12 acres of forest.

Although the subdivision plan doesn’t outline what this development would entail, zoning would permit approximately150 non-age-restricted housing units on this land, further overcrowding our roads and schools.

The Providence Point plan is riddled with flaws repeatedly pointed out by citizens and city planning staff. The plan includes no traffic improvements. The nearest intersection, Forest Drive and Spa Road, was rated as failing by a former study.

The developer wants access on Spa Road, saying the 500 residents and 200 full-time employees will not contribute to a significant increase in traffic, and also erroneously saying most people over 70 don’t drive.

Increased traffic volume and degradation to our quality of life are just a few reasons to stop this plan. The cumulative effect of already-approved and overcrowded development on the Forrest Drive corridor has not even been recognized yet.

Most of us chose to live in Annapolis for its beauty and quality of life. The environment is critical in maintaining some of the gift we have here in Annapolis. If we don’t speak up now, we stand to lose and become another Rockville, with polluted water.

Come forward and say something. Get involved in the process. Meet with the mayor, the City Council and candidates for city office. The Annapolis primary is approaching.

This significant issue cannot be met with apathy and a laissez-faire attitude.


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