Before you vote in the City election on Tuesday, November 7th, please take a moment to learn where the candidates stand on the development of Crystal Spring, as well as protecting our forests from development and our schools from overcrowding. This questionnaire was submitted to all candidates for mayor and aldermen and consisted of four read on >

Capital LTE: “More development means more congestion and environmental damage”

Regarding Faith Goldstein’s letter (The Capital, Aug. 19) To Ms. Goldstein and those who support her viewpoint, it is clear the Providence Point development will significantly contribute to a completely overburdened road system in Annapolis. It is odd that contemporary Americans display a strange level of cognitive dissonance on these sorts of issues. More development read on >


The South River Federation (SRF), dedicated to restoring the South River and its tributaries, recently announced their opposition to the current development plan for the Crystal Spring property. This is a reversal from the organization’s previous support of the originally proposed mixed-use development dating back to 2012. A post on the Federation’s website reads, “Until read on >

City Rejects Development Plans for Crystal Spring

On August 11, all of the voluminous filings and plans to develop the Crystal Spring and Mas Que Farm properties were sent back to the developers and owners for major revisions before the City would even process the woefully inadequate plans. The Office of Planning and Zoning cited numerous and substantial “deficiencies in the applications read on >

Capital LTE: “Proponents using false data”

Walter Vasquez (The Capital, Aug. 14) gets it all wrong about Crystal Spring. He wrongfully attacks all opponents as no-growth activists and uses false data to justify his personal attacks. Mr. Vasquez minimizes the traffic and environmental impact of this massive development, with more than 600 new residents in at least 500 new housing units. read on >

Capital LTE: “Additional development planned beyond senior community”

As a resident of the city and the neighboring ward, I object to Walter Vasquez’s guest column (The Capital, Aug. 14). Mr. Vasquez ignores significant issues with the Providence Point at Crystal Spring project. This is not the only development planned for the property. The subdivision plan submitted on July 25 calls for additional development read on >