Capital LTE: “Consider these thoughts regarding Crystal Spring plan”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, August 25, 2017

Regarding the column “Stop thinly veiled attempts to kill development in Annapolis” (The Capital, Aug. 14), we should:

  • Wait for the data. The comprehensive Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study needs to be completed before any proposals of major impact can be considered. This has been promised by the city and the study’s findings will provide prudent guidance in terms of balancing community needs with capacity. The stated goal of the study is to “define a vision for the corridor and identify recommendations to achieve this vision.”
  • Look at current inventory. There are 36 existing senior facilities in the Annapolis area. Competition, as always, is at the high end, and they are competing for a finite number of seniors. Further, there are an additional 23 new and pending senior facilities already on the books in the Annapolis area. Shouldn’t the rationale for the construction be based on a need for the proposed additional 383 “high-end” assisted living accommodations?
  • Not overburden fragile systems. Economic growth, is not the simple panacea for good stewardship of this system. As a forest is not the same as trees randomly planted around a parking lot. It is common sense to see that insensitive destruction of native forests is not smart growth that sustains pride in our unique community.

Beware of the “special exception” that prevents public comments until after the plan has been approved. This is a bullying process and a Trojan horse that, once approved, will enable further senseless development on the remaining forested parcels.


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