Capital LTE: “Send the Plans Back”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, August 19, 2017

I am a city resident and my law office is located on Forest Drive near Crystal Spring (Village at Providence Point). The development of Crystal Spring threatens our quality of life and will add to the horrible traffic. I already have prospective clients who will not travel to my office from elsewhere in the county because of the traffic.

Former state Sen. Gerald Winegrad’s column clearly delineates the major flaws in the latest filings by the developers (The Capital, Aug. 7). The plans are actually an insult to Planning and Zoning officials and to the citizens who have tried for years to convince the developers to protect more forest, assure no new stormwater pollution, alleviate any increases in traffic, and permanently protect all remaining land from development.

The plan before the city for approval would allow the destruction of nearly 40 acres of older growth forest and replant only 16 acres, reneging on their pledges to reforest 100 percent. The plan would allow the development of more than 500 new dwellings with ancillary structures for health care and the like along with more impervious surfaces for roads and parking on the premises.

The plans show no improvements for the traffic this will generate and defy the city’s mandate to build a traffic relief road. They provide only marginal stormwater management plans. Much of the undeveloped land left after the proposed development is completed still would be open to more development.

Our city should send these flawed and destructive development plans back post haste.


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