Capital LTE: “Mature Forests Keep Our Rivers Healthy”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, August 19, 2017

Before another round of opinions about development along Forest Drive, it should be noted that old maps do not show a road the length of Annapolis Neck. Rather, there is shown a road called Forest Drive from the Bay Ridge Railroad, up over what is now called “Forest Hills Road” and ending at a cemetery next to what is now called Annapolis Middle School.

Incidentally, that route today still has some ancient trees. As for trees, there are many. many more today than in Colonial days. Years ago a local alderman shared his front porch and opinions regarding the sylvan atmosphere of Annapolis Neck when he remarked the demise of the tobacco crops created an abundant “volunteer” growth on fallow fields.

But he opined not all the growth is good because of too many junk trees among the hardwoods. His advice was valuable in reviewing housing developments along the South River by leaders of the South River Federation.

The healthy stands of woods and an abundance of hardwood trees in the communities from Heritage Harbor to South River Colony and more along the river are contributing to the health of the River and an ever increasing amount of Eagles and other wildlife.


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