Capital LTE: “Crab Creek Already Struggling”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, August 19, 2017

We have lived on Crab Creek for over 55 years and feel if this development is allowed it will be the death of our beautiful yet struggling creek. We want to thank former state Sen. Gerald Winegrad for speaking up and stating the hard facts on the proposed Crystal Spring development (The Capital, Aug. 7).

How can you Save the Bay but kill the forest and the creek? Crab Creek is already severely polluted and the South River fails to meet federal Clean Water Act requirements. Catfish have been found with cancerous lesions and humans are getting serious flesh-eating diseases from water contact.

The developers plan to build more than 400 new homes and 500-plus parking spaces while stripping 40 acres of older forest that is supposed to be protected. Stormwater runoff from so much overdevelopment is the major cause of pollution of Crab Creek and South River. Killing the forest and replacing it with impervious surfaces will carry more toxic chemicals and sediments to the creek.

And what about the air pollution from adding a small town with more than 600 residents and 200 workers there? What about the traffic this would add to the grossly over loaded Forest Drive corridor? What about the quality of life for existing residents caught in daily traffic jams and living with polluted creeks and polluted air?

We hope the City of Annapolis will reject these outrageous development plans.


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