Capital LTE: “City can’t be expected to roll over for National Lutheran’s plans for Crystal Spring property”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, April 25, 2017

Walter Vasquez’s letter (The Capital, April 12) revealed that he knows little about development but sure loves developers. He wrongly states that a property “can be developed in any way the owner sees fit.” Does he not know there are rules that protect us from having the proverbial pig farm built next door?

Mr. Vasquez seems to think that because the Crystal Spring property is privately owned, it can be developed any way the owner wants. That is ridiculous! Every homeowner in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County knows there are plenty of rules that restrict us from doing any number of things with our property.

Sure, the Crystal Spring owner is free to develop or sell her property, subject to the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction. She is selling 49 of the 111 acres to National Lutheran for its proposed senior retirement community.

While some residents can’t get approval to take down a single tree in their yard, National Lutheran wants to clear 27 acres of forest that is supposed to be protected under the law. We’re stuck in traffic, but National Lutheran wants to add a new light on Spa Road. Who would expect the city to just roll over?

Further, it is clear Mr. Vasquez, and his organization for that matter, has merely been a shill for the Crystal Spring developers. For years he has supported the massive and now defunct mixed-use proposal for Crystal Spring — he has never even written a letter on any other development project. Were it not for those pesky property laws, 40 acres of priority forest would have been cleared and we would have 1,000 new residents moving in at the most congested area on Forest Drive.

I am a 48-year property owner and lifelong Anne Arundel County resident.


Editor’s note: The writer is a board member of the Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation.

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