Capital LTE: “On Crystal Spring site, we need to consider what’s best for everyone involved”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, March 22, 2017

A new development plan has been proposed for the Crystal Spring site. The citizens of Annapolis and the surrounding community need to decide what they want to see happen on this piece of open, undeveloped farmland adjacent to the South River.

There will be negative environmental impacts of every kind to the land, water and air. The new development purports to be mostly for seniors, with less impact. Senior citizens do drive and the 500 residents will have vehicles and will want to be part of the surrounding community, so they will use cars and add to the very difficult traffic on Forest Drive.

If the citizens of Annapolis want this property to remain undeveloped, then it needs to be purchased and set aside for community use. We very much need access to water and parkland in the city of Annapolis. The city has sold the Eisenhower Golf Course and the old recreation center. Should that money buy the Crystal Spring site?

This land will be sold, and some will argue that the owner has a right to make a profit from the sale. We need to find a win-win solution — a compromise that works well enough for everyone.

Allowing the development of senior citizen housing on the part of the property closest to Forest Drive and putting the rest in a permanent nondevelopment easement, to be realized as public parkland, could be an option.

Should the Crystal Spring land be preserved as open space or be slated 100 percent for development? We need to consider what is best for everyone involved, and we are all involved in this deliberation.


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