Capital LTE: “Many unresolved issues remain with Crystal Spring plans”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, February 20, 2017

A recent editorial (The Capital, Jan. 19) exposed the serious problems with the proposal for a large senior living project at Crystal Spring.

An examination of the plan by the developer shows that only 48 acres of the available acreage would be acquired, leaving 65 acres in Janet Richardson-Pearson’s ownership. This means that if the city approves the senior development, there is nothing that would prevent the owner or another developer from trying to intensively develop this remaining land, which might be worse than the original Crystal Spring proposal.

The developers plan to strip 27 forested acres to plant 400 senior living units. They do not plan to replant most of these forests, despite repeated promises previously made. Stormwater from the buildings, roads and parking spaces could further pollute Crab Creek. Traffic on Forest Drive, already at nightmarish levels, would also increase.

I live just off Forest Drive in the city and am a victim of the city’s laissez-faire attitude on new development, especially when it annexes large tracts of forested land from the county. The approval by the city for 152 new homes on Forest Drive next to Quiet Waters Park is but one example, and 13 acres of forest will be cleared there.

There are more than 32 senior living facilities within a 10-mile radius of Crystal Spring, most all with vacancies. The city is nearing full approval of another 88-unit assisted living facility on Bay Ridge Road near the CVS that will clear anther 3 to 4 acres of forest. Brightview Annapolis, with 165 assisted-care units, is being built only five miles from Crystal Spring on 7 acres across from Rolling Knolls on Route 178.

Yes, citizens will continue to fight this development unless these issues are resolved.


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