Capital LTE: “Increased Forest Drive traffic will hurt my business”

I am a practicing attorney with 25 years of experience in Annapolis specializing in family law. My law firm of four women is located on Forest Drive across from Crystal Spring. Like other Forest Drive businesses, I can verify how utterly horrible the existing traffic situation is — we already have instances of clients and read on >

Serious Problems with New Plan to Clear 27 Acres of Forest and Build 400 Senior Living Units on Part of Crystal Spring

On Tuesday, National Lutheran Communities and Services (NLCS) announced they would be submitting a new Crystal Spring proposal to the City of Annapolis that includes only the senior-related development. While this plan eliminates the previously sought shopping center, large food store, hotel, and 130 non-age restricted homes, they are not guaranteeing that senior housing will read on >

Capital Editorial: “Plan changes but controversy will go on”

By: Capital Gazette Editorial Board We were once told by the would-be developers of the mixed-use project on Forest Drive that the name “Crystal Spring” was essentially arbitrary, as there is no identifiable water source on the property with that designation. But while the spring might not physically exist, for about six years it has read on >

Capital LTE: “Unchecked growth in Annapolis”

Walter Vasquez’s letter (The Capital, Jan. 5) castigates those of us suffering each day from the city’s poor growth management. The city has been irresponsible in annexing large tracts of undeveloped land from the county for dense development when we don’t have the infrastructure to support it. Mr. Vasquez seems to supports all developments, including read on >

Capital LTE: “Annapolis’ suburban sprawl is not smart growth”

The letter headlined “Smart growth” (The Capital, Jan. 5) should have been headlined “Support costly suburban sprawl.” What is planned on the edge of Annapolis at developments such as Crystal Spring and Parkside Preserve at Quiet Waters Park is anything but smart growth. As I pointed out in guest column (The Capital, April 20), the read on >