Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring would do terrible damage”

Capital Gazette: Letter to the Editor, September 5, 2016

My family has lived on the Annapolis Neck for all my life. Generations of my family, dating back to the 1920s, have enjoyed swimming in the local rivers and creeks and observing the abundant nature and wildlife. They couldn’t possibly have imagined what it looks like now, after years of reckless overdevelopment along Forest Drive, which has threatened to severely impact the balance of nature in this area.

But the massive Crystal Spring project is the one to top them all. My home is within miles of Crystal Spring Farm and the back of our property is bordered by Crab Creek — what was once a pristine body of water and natural habitat, but has since become one of the most polluted tributaries in the South River watershed, due to polluted runoff from developments. The South River itself is already failing to meet Clean Water Act regulations.

These conditions will only worsen if the city allows Crystal Spring developers to come in and take down 40 acres of priority forest to build a concrete jungle that will drain directly into Crab Creek. Our air and water quality will suffer and multiple species of wildlife will be displaced.

This has to stop somewhere or else there will be nothing left. Local governments must exercise some judgment as to how much development this small peninsula can handle without addressing infrastructure and environmental issues.

Long after these out-of-town and out-of-state developers have left Annapolis, we will still be here. Local leaders can be assured we are taking note of who is representing our best interests.


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