City Should Seize Opportunity to Resolve Outstanding Annexation Issues and Not Cave to Developers Again

The City Council voted Monday (Sept. 26) to postpone action on the Resolution (R-21-16) concerning violations of the Katherine Properties (Crystal Spring) Annexation Agreement. The legislation was introduced in June by Mayor Pantelides and two aldermen after the then-city attorney found the owner in material breach of the original 2005 Annexation Agreement and associated Public read on >

Capital Op-Ed: “Forest conservation measure gutted”

By: Fred Kelly, Severn Riverkeeper As Severn Riverkeeper, I can attest to the degradation of water quality from the clearing of forests. Unfortunately, instead of concentrating on redevelopment of deteriorated or vacant property, the city annexes county land, most of it forested, and then supports its development. On the other hand, the county works with read on >

Capital Op-Ed: “Will officials protect Priority Forest?”

By: Kurt Riegel Civic tensions are perpetual between two positives: preservation of nature for the enjoyment of our citizens, and quality housing for the benefit our residents. Government has an essential and unique duty to represent a broad spectrum of interests to serve us best. But can we have such a government and also fund read on >