Memo Outlines Reasons City Should Stop Processing Crystal Spring Development Plans

Several Substantial Issues Remain Unresolved

Last month, Stop Crystal Spring coordinator and former State Senator Gerald Winegrad met with officials at the City of Annapolis Planning and Zoning Department to discuss several reasons the City should stop processing of any new Forest Conservation Plan (FCP) or other development plans for Crystal Spring. A summarized list of the issues can be found below. Click here to read Mr. Winegrad’s full memo.

In June 2016, the City approved the Crystal Spring developers’ revised Forest Stand Delineation. The next step will be for the developers to submit a new FCP. However, there are many unanswered questions surrounding the development that should be addressed before any further processing.

Any new FCP should be rejected until these issues are resolved:

1. The developers plan to decrease the acreage at Mas Que Farm that is to be placed under a conservation easement and develop, thereby abrogating their pledge to manage all stormwater on the 111-acre Crystal Spring site.

2. The terms of a conservation easement with metes and bounds and development restrictions must be submitted and approved for Mas Que Farm and any remaining undeveloped land at Crystal Spring.

3. All stormwater must be retained/treated on site, including gray water recycling, as previously pledged by the developers.

4. A final plan and formal cost estimate needs to be obtained for the parallel connector road and city officials must come to an agreement with developers as to their share of the cost.

5. A Phase I Archaeological Survey related to Civil War Camp Parole 2 must be completed.

6. The development plan for Crystal Spring defies the City’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan.

7. Developers have reneged on their reforestation pledge.

8. The City has found the owner/developers are in material breach of the original Annexation Agreement.

9. Adequate public facilities issues – school overcrowding should be considered and a new traffic study is needed.