Capital LTE: “City residents are concerned about Crystal Spring”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, August 9, 2016

I have lived in the City of Annapolis for nearly 40 years, within walking distance of Forest Drive. In spite of Crystal Spring attorney Alan Hyatt’s purposefully misleading statements to the contrary, the opposition to Crystal Spring is not just coming from what he tries to portray as “wealthy enclaves” in the county.

City residents are equally concerned! Mr. Hyatt and the truth spinners behind Crystal Spring are trying to make this debate about exclusivity and privilege. They seem to forget that there are at least six public housing/low cost apartment complexes that feed into Forest Drive.

Mr. Hyatt says that we want a “forested drive” — presumably so that we can enjoy the pristine, beautiful scenery as we make our way leisurely down the broad boulevard of Forest Drive. Aesthetics aside, I wish to say to all of you money-hungry developers and overly compromising politicians that our opposition to Crystal Spring is about the traffic, the environment and the schools.

The Annapolis Neck Peninsula is not the only part of Annapolis that will be impacted when emergency vehicles and school buses can’t get past one of the regularly occurring traffic disasters along Forest Drive. When there’s a tie up on Forest Drive, the ripple effect is seen throughout Annapolis. The entire city is impacted for hours!

Mr. Hyatt, Crystal Spring developers, Mayor Mike Pantelides and City Council, stop the ridiculous spinning that this is a county issue involving the well-off and privileged! It is a disservice to the many citizens and taxpayers of the City of Annapolis who are just as concerned about this development.


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