Capital LTE: “Developers have too much influence over Annapolis”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, July 30, 2016

Gerald Winegrad hit the nail on the head with his recent column (The Capital, July 23). I am appalled by the fact that developers, many of whom don’t even live here, continue to run our town and influence our laws.

For many years we have seen the city continue to annex land from the county and just build, build, build, without any concern for residents’ views or needs. Our leaders are supposed to represent our best interests, but lately it feels more like they work for developers.

I have lived within miles of the proposed Crystal Spring site for 36 years and have to use Forest Drive almost every day. I am opposed to this development for a variety of reasons, but it makes me ill to think of losing nearly 40 acres of this pristine forest — the last remaining large area of forest in the city.

Mayor Mike Panteledes, what happened to “leave no trace behind”? It appears your administration is leaving a concrete trace for the next generation, and generations to come. Shame on you!

The city has been working on a Forest Conservation Ordinance to put in place proper protections for what little forest we have left, including Crystal Spring. Unfortunately it looks like this piece of legislation is headed in the same direction as the law to address school overcrowding, which was also severely weakened with amendments at the urging of developers.

The worst part is, when this ordinance is passed, the mayor and other leaders will tout it as an environmental victory. It is not a victory to pass a law designed to protect forests that makes it easier to take them down. You are not fooling anyone.


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