New Forest Conservation Act Ordinance in Need of Major Amendments

The newest proposal for the City’s version of the Forest Conservation Act (FCA), 0-22-16, is currently under review by the City Planning Commission. Alderman Littmann and three other council members have introduced this new Ordinance to respond to the legal insufficiencies and lack of clarity with the City’s current FCA compliance, problems that have arisen read on >

Crystal Spring Opponents Push for City Revocation of Annexation Agreement

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (June 10, 2016) – Today, the leadership and supporters of Stop Crystal Spring urged city leaders to further strengthen a newly introduced City Council Resolution (R-21-16) that would reform the terms of the 2005 Annexation Agreement between the City and the owners of the Crystal Spring and Mas Que Farm properties. The Resolution read on >

Capital LTE: “City should put children first and update Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance”

Former state Sen. Gerald Winegrad hit the nail on the head with his recent letter (The Sunday Capital, May 15). As a city resident and homeowner with one child in Hillsmere Elementary School, I am disappointed with city leaders who are more concerned with appeasing developers than considering the needs of their constituents. I would read on >