Capital LTE: “Annapolis Neck can’t handle any more traffic”

Capital Gazette: Letters to the Editor, June 12, 2016

Anyone foolish enough to think the Annapolis Neck Peninsula can absorb the many hundreds more cars generated by the proposed Crystal Spring and Rocky Gorge developments should experience the appalling, hours-long, daily jam at the insane Aris T. Allen, Chinquapin Round Road and Forest Drive intersection, and the associated side roads:

They’ll find absolute gridlock in all directions for over a half-mile, at least 15 minutes of travel time from Fairfax Road to the light and ambulances struggling to get through.

If we were a different city, with streets in a rectangular grid, it might be survivable. But with our few radial arteries between the creeks, it’s a disaster. We’ve long since surpassed our reasonable, safe road capacity. It’s past time to stop!


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