Capital LTE: “The city needs the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance”

I am incredulous with the elected officials who won’t take responsibility for easily fixing a problem that affects so many of our students. It’s simple: Any development proposal must consider the feeder schools’ capacities. The Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance would require such consideration. By not passing the APFO, city officials are not addressing school overcrowding read on >

Capital LTE: An open letter to Alderman Kenneth Kirby

An open letter to Alderman Kenneth Kirby: In a front-page article regarding school overcrowding at Tyler Heights Elementary School (The Capital, May 11) you were quoted as noting that some Tyler Heights students are traveling to Georgetown East Elementary School due to overcrowding. “These parents are screaming bloody murder and I need Tyler Heights moved read on >

Inadequate Public Facilities Ordinance

For too long, the City has continued to approve the development of new homes, adding more students to already overcrowded schools. They have done so with complete disregard for county laws designed to prevent new development from occurring when schools are too far over capacity to accept new students. If Crystal Spring were still in read on >

Capital LTE: “Stop Overdevelopment of the Forest Drive Corridor”

I write to commend John Van de Kamp for his article on Forest Drive traffic being like the Bermuda Triangle (The Capital, May 7). Why does the city continue to defy common sense in packing in more and more development onto a dead-end peninsula, threatening public safety, the environment and our school system? The answer read on >

Developers Attempt to Renege on Conservation Pledges

In February, the Crystal Spring developers filed a new Forest Stand Delineation (FSD) with the City to greatly expand the area that could be considered for development by including an additional 76 acres of Mas Que Farm beyond the original 111 acres at Crystal Spring. The FSD must be approved before the development can move read on >

Capital LTE: “There Are Restrictions on Property Rights”

I have the deepest regard for Nancy Almgren and all her many contributions to our community. However, I’m surprised that a professional in the real estate industry would think that people can do anything they want with their private property. This notion is particularly absurd here in Annapolis. Otherwise the Fawcett building would long ago read on >