Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring developers hope to bulldoze all who challenge them”

Capital Gazette: Letter to the Editor, April 4, 2016

The Sunday Capital’s recent article, “Former planning director for the city violates ethics law, commission says” (March 27) underscores citizens’ concerns involved in the developers’ plans for Crystal Springs.

Following an investigation, the city ethics committee found Joe Arason, a former planning and zoning director, guilty of violating city ethics law. What is not included in this decision is the developers’ collusion in this legal violation in an effort to use Mr. Arason’s extensive knowledge and his close relationships with former employees and other city officials, to enable a successful outcome in the approval process of their plans.

This ethical breach is an example of the developers’ questionable efforts to win approval from the city for their plans.

Similarly, they have maligned citizen opposition, branding questioners as no-growth zealots who distort facts. In an article published in The Capital, the developers stated that citizens with an entrenched environmental no growth agenda, lead by the Annapolis Environmental Commission, have infected the process.

The AEC was created by law to advise the city on environmental matters. Yet AEC efforts to address environmental interests with this project have been tarred by the developers.

Views of citizens who live near Crystal Spring, who will be adversely affected by this project, but who don’t live within city limits, are likewise discredited.

When the city sent back developers’ plans to strip nearly 40 acres of protected forests, the developers accused the city of moving the goal posts once again.

It seems clear the developers hope to bulldoze all who challenge their plans — just as they hope to bulldoze the forests of Crystal Spring.


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