Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring should get back to basics — or be scuttled”

Capital Gazette: Letter to the Editor, January 6, 2016

In response to the article by Faith Goldstein (The Capital, Jan. 2):

I assure you that I am not part of a vast, well-organized smear campaign. And although I have an Annapolis address, I am not inside the city limits. What I am is a senior citizen, with an even more senior mother, who was delighted with the idea of a senior community off Spa Road. We even sent for the initial details, which looked amazing and were within our budgets.

We were excited with anticipation — until we found out that this was hardly a senior complex. There were plans for a hotel and a supermarket (with a Safeway just down the street) and a whole lot of retail shops and housing for nonseniors as well. Suddenly this was sounding less inviting and more of a congested Parole-ish mess.

And then, the latest information from the developer is now putting the cost so far above our means that we couldn’t move there anyway.

It seems to me that what started as a great idea became so bloated with greed and grandiosity that it turned the proverbial golden egg into a cooked goose.

Let’s either get back to basics or scuttle the whole idea.


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