Capital LTE: “Why do developers constantly try to make money at our expense?”

Capital Gazette: Letter to the Editor, January 1, 2016

Mr Mayor:

I just watched your campaign promise to stop the Crystal Spring development and I trust you plan to live up to it.

I live in Annapolis (Chesapeake Harbour) and use Forest Drive. My prior home was in Wild Rose Shores on the South River near Crystal Spring, and I appreciated the beauty of the unspoiled forest.

Why do developers constantly try to make money at our expense? The planned development violates the city comprehensive plan. Why can’t they just live with what we all agree is a sensible plan for the city?

Why can’t you help us preserve a few more acres of forest, instead of letting a greedy developer cut the trees down just to make a buck? Yes, a retirement community would be nice – but why do they need a supermarket?

We have a comprehensive plan. There must be no exceptions or variances so developers can make more money.


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