Forest Drive Sector Study Could Be Useless if City Continues to Process Developments

This spring the City finally began work on a Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study, which will use extensive citizen input to develop guidelines that will determine future zoning and development in this overcrowded corridor. The Sector Study is to be a mirror image of the expressed concerns and desires of the communities interested in and affected read on >

Capital LTE: “Defense of Crystal Spring leaves out crucial information”

As a resident of the Forest Drive corridor, I was concerned by the recent letter from the owner of Crystal Spring Farm (The Capital, Oct. 27). She attacked the veracity of opponents because they’ve expressed inconvenient truths about her desire to strip nearly 40 acres of mature forest and plant a development of more than read on >

Capital LTE: “False claims by Crystal Spring landowner”

In her letter (The Capital, Oct. 27), Janet Richardson-Pearson, the owner of Crystal Spring Farm and Mas Que Farm, disparages those opposed to the site’s proposed development by casting aspersions on opponents’ truthfulness. The statements made by the opponents are sourced primarily from the voluminous public filings made by Richardson-Pearson and the developers. Regarding forest read on >