Capital LTE: “City can’t be expected to roll over for National Lutheran’s plans for Crystal Spring property”

Walter Vasquez’s letter (The Capital, April 12) revealed that he knows little about development but sure loves developers. He wrongly states that a property “can be developed in any way the owner sees fit.” Does he not know there are rules that protect us from having the proverbial pig farm built next door? Mr. Vasquez read on >

Capital LTE: “From another frustrated City resident”

As someone who grew up in Silicon Valley, a once-lush collection of apple and cherry orchards, I have seen firsthand the effects of unbridled development. When I go back to California to visit, I am once again dumbstruck at the congestion, pollution and loathsome sights all around. The “new” plan by National Lutheran at the read on >

Capital LTE: “Development has already put too much of a strain on Forest Drive”

Recently hundreds of residents were negatively impacted when one lane on Forest Drive was shut down during rush hour due to “miscommunication” between county agencies. Traffic was completely stopped, back into the neighborhoods on Arundel on the Bay Road. As a result, commuters were late to work and school buses were detained for hours. All read on >

Capital LTE: “Misinformation distracts from real issues surrounding Crystal Spring”

Discord over development of Crystal Spring continues and a satisfactory resolution seems no closer than when the project was first proposed. Walter Vasquez’s recent letter to the editor (The Capital, April 12) is an example of why this might be so. His opinions aren’t based on the current facts. Yet he builds on them to read on >

Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring proposal deceptive by design”

Walter Vasquez’s promotion for the development of Crystal Spring (The Capital, April 12) left out some very important points: He left out the words “Crystal Spring” in mentioning the project now dubbed by the misnomer of “The Village at Providence Point.” Next, Mr. Vasquez cites economic data from a study of a development at Crystal read on >

Capital LTE: “Crystal Spring marked by deception and broken pledges”

From the start, the public has been deceived by the Crystal Spring developers’ statements. Now, the developers are changing the name — who do the developers think they are fooling? Even if they call the huge project Paradise Island, it is still an environmentally unacceptable proposal. They plan to clear 27 acres of mature forest read on >